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Some Fave Quotes/Scenes

Hi, I'm new here and I wanted to share some of my fave quotes and scenes...


Are any of you guys Pokemon trainers?
Ash-Yeah! I'm Ash Ketchum from Pallet, and I wanna be a Pokemon master.
Brock-I'm Brock from Pewter City and I wanna be your boyfriend!
Lisa-Thanks, but no thanks.

Butch and Cassidy have just finished saying their motto.
Tracey-Oh! I've heard of you guys! You guys are the other ones! You're Cassidy. And you're Biff.
Butch-Biff?! It's Butch, not Biff! Weren't you listening to a single word I said?! Huh!
Delia-Hey, calm down, Bill.
Butch-It's Butch.


What's going on?
Bakura-I don't know. This looks bad!
Tristan-Don't be so downbeat, Bakura. If those two don't win, we'll never get out of this labyrinth!
Bakura-Sarcastically Tristan, thanks for cheering me up, mate.

Crush Gear Turbo

Ote-toi de mon soleil! Aller, Shooting Mirage! (Translated that means 'Oh you of my sunshine! Go, Shooting Mirage!' according to my past French teacher...she grew up speaking French so I trust her translation)

Kyousuke is walking through the streets of Singapore searching for a particular building when he hears someone's voice.
Lan Fang-Gear master! 
Kyousuke turns to face her.
Lan Fang-Well well, we meet again. Giggles slightly
Kyousuke-Blushes and turns around Remember she's a man. The girl's a man. A man. A man. A man. A man. A man.
The joke behind this scene is Kuroudo told Kyousuke that Lan Fang was a guy trained to act as a girl for Chinese Opera...but the truth is Lan is actually a girl...Kyousuke just doesn't know it yet...


Look what I found! A silver dollar! Flips coin Heads, I go back and watch the creature feature, tails, I freak out about riding on a ghost train. Checks result Huh...tails...

The Bladebreakers minus Kai have decided they're going to order a pizza while they plan their strategy on how Tyson can beat Enrique in a BeyBattle
Dizzi-I can't eat pizza. What do I get?
Kenny-A bag of computer chips? Joke---Dizzi is Kenny's bit beast trapped inside his laptop

One Piece

Sanji and Zeff have flashbacks of the earlier days of Baratie when it was just the two of them
Zeff-Examines apple peel Terrible. Gives little Sanji an axe-kick on his head.
Young Sanji-Hey! What are you doing?! Stop whackin' me on my noggin!
Zeff-How can I have an assistant who can't even peel an apple right?!
Young Sanji-It's my first time, you old geezer! Try the soup.
Zeff-Did you make it?
Young Sanji-Yeah. Watches Zeff have a sip from his spoonful How is it?
Zeff- Whacks little Sanji on the head with his huge toque with each word Terrible! Terrible! Terrible! Terrible!
Young Sanji-It's NOT terrible! You old geezer...

Luffy and Buggy meet again
Luffy-I'm sorry, but who are you again? You look kind of familiar. Was it Bug or Bugsy...no wait! Booger! It was Booger the Clod, right?


You guys, I'm still hungry... And I've got gas like you wouldn't believe. All those vegetables and beans..eugh!
Hakkai-They're Buddhists, so they're vegetarians. And if you think about farting, I'll kill you.
Gojyo-His farts would almost be better than all this nasty incense.
Sanzo-You can all put up with it for one night.

Subbed version only, I haven't seen the dubbed version of this scene...or the one following it. Sanzo is standing to the side while the other three are trying to defend themselves from people who are trying to kill them.
Sanzo-Aren't you done yet? Hurry up and finish them!
Goku/Gojyo/Hakkai-immediately cease fighting and turn to Sanzo Stop complaining and come help us, you @$$hole!!!

Later on in another episode, Sanzo is sitting in Hakuryu (Jeep form) while the others are fighting off demons (and I'm sure more people trying to kill them)
Sanzo-Hey, there are more behind you! Says in a bit of a teasing tone...
Goku/Gojyo/Hakkai-Turn to Sanzo Don;t just sit there, come and help us, damn it!!!

Harukanaru Toki no Naka de ~Hachiyo Sho~

Yasuaki had been conversing with Akane through a mouse while he was elsewhere. He explained that he was working.
Akane-Ah! I'm so sorry! Bows apologetically while still holding the mouse in her hands
Tenma-Why are you apologising to a mouse?

Akane is forming a plan to help two people in love
Akane-The princess will be kidnapped by thieves played by the Fourth Chamberlain, as well as Yorihisa-san and Shimon-kun.
Tomomasa-It would be trouble if the Fourth Chamberlain was seen outside of the city. I will say I invited him to a party.
Akane-That's a pretty good alibi!
Inori-Tomomasa's part sounds really easy...
Tomomasa-I'll leave all the running around to you young ones.
Yorihisa-Sounds really traumatised ...Thief...?
Akane-And the next part will be played by...huh?
Yorihisa-A thief? To think that a swordsman such as myself would have to become a thief.
Akane-Yorihisa-san? Is something wrong with the part I gave you?
Shimon-You don't have to worry, it's just an act.
Akane-I can give you another part if you'd like.
Yorihisa-No. As long as it is the miko's wish, I, Yorihisa, with all my mind and soul...will become a thief! Really serious, determined, fist clenched so hard it's shaking, sword drawn
Chibi Tenma-Don't say that! It's just an act!
Later on in the same scene
Akane-And the princess shall be played by...me!
Tenma/Yorihisa/Shimon/Inori/Tomomasa/Takamichi/Yasuaki-NO!!!/Eisen-Hold on...
Akane-Aw? Why not? I've already said I was going to play the part!
Tenma-And we've already said it's much too dangerous!
Eisen-That's right, Miko. They may come after you with swords and spears. One of us men will have to dress up as a woman and..huh?
Akane-Nods approvingly
Eisen-Turns to the rest of the Hachiyo
Shimon-Looks like we found our princess!
Eisen-Huh? Um...that is...WAIT JUST A MINUTE, PLEASE!!! 
Eisen is very effeminate looking which is why it was decided he was to play the part of the fake princess

I have put these all under a cut because they are a bit too long and the Saiyuki ones had a bit of low-level cursing, but I didn't want to offend anyone...I hope you liked them and could recognise a couple of the anime at least...I used dub references for all except Harukanaru Toki no Naka de as that has yet to be dubbed, but I do have the subbed version.


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