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Announcement: Although everyone is still free to join and subsequently post, I have set the community in such a way that I will have to approve the entries first. Apologies for the inconvenience, but I have recently encountered a horrible fiasco in one of my favorite communities that involved a member posting more than 50 pictures of disease-ridden human body parts. I do not want our members here to experience the sheer disgust that I felt. It happened once, it could very well happen again. ~love, Belili [shirley]

This is the community where you can post your favorite anime and manga quotes. It was inspired by literaryquotes.

Our current poster boy is the deadly young killer-for-hire from Hunter X Hunter, Killua Zaoldyeck.


1. Anime and/or manga quotes ONLY. The quotes must come from the original series/show or a translation thereof and not from fanfiction or doujinshi. Please do not post full episode scripts or some such XD

2. Note that the members of this community come from all over the world. Kindly provide quotes in English. If you want to post Japanese characters and/or romaji, supply an English translation.

3. Indicate the anime/manga from which the quote came and, if applicable, the character who said it. For instance:
"But that's just pretending--a self-intoxicating belief...like a prayer. It can't possibly last forever." ~ Shinji, Neon Genesis Evangelion

4. If you are quoting anime song lyrics, please indicate the title. If you know the singer, note that, too, although this is not required. Just do not post full songs.

5. If you got the quote from a website, it is highly recommended that you credit the site with a link, especially if it is an original translation of the anime/manga.

6. No posting of anything off-topic, such as community plugging, quizzes, reviews, icons or how your day went [!]. Our space here is RESERVED FOR ANIME/MANGA QUOTES ONLY.

5. If you somehow come across something disturbing in this place, drop me a note at shirley, indicating this community.

6. Have fun sharing and spreading the love for anime and manga. Peace!
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